About Us


Dave O’Neill and the team of Red 1 Fabrication have over 15 years experience in fabrication engineering. With qualifications in Fabrication, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering they specialise in fabrication of Stainless Steel and Aluminium products for the Aviation industry (such as helicopter fertiliser buckets) and Automotive industries.

Their expertise extends to CAD design and manufacture of hopper style seeding, fertiliser and bait helicopter buckets with Dave having designed some of the most innovative models on the market today. We work closely with Licensed Aircraft Engineers to design the right product, first time and if necessary can obtain relevant MOD approvals.

Dave is passionate about designing products that deliver the cost efficiency, unique design and out of the box thinking.  This is more evident than ever in their design of helicopter fertiliser buckets.  Their recently redesigned helicopter fertiliser bucket, designed for the application of fertilisers such as Urea and pest control baits, offers increased swath width and improved accuracy combining to reduce fly time therefore reducing application costs.  Compared to other available helicopter fertiliser buckets, Dave is confident that their product will outshine the competition making a purchase from Red1 a decision which will never be regretted.

Their experience includes working with all stainless steels, mild steels, aviation grade steels, copper and titanium to name but a few.

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