Helicopter fertiliser bucket

At less than 90kg’s in weight (including the GSV190 Honda Motor), the R1-530L helicopter fertiliser bucket features a full stainless steel construction, a unique spinner design with profiled blades for increased exit velocity, a quick release pneumatic system for easy maintenance, an easy change motor mount to allow easy upgrading of engine size, shock absorbing actuator mounts, low wear actuator slides and an easy swap out drop pack for precision bait application.  Ask us about our innovative precision boundary/coastline application system allowing broadcasting of product in specific directions instead of 360′




Some of our latest creations, featuring a custom made alloy gas tank for a home built aircraft. Also a fully certified repair on a 4130  Crop master air frame, new spinner featuring a cast alloy hub for our helicopter fertiliser buckets and our latest build, a bolt in precision bait drop system for a helicopter fertilizer bucket. This is fully adjustable and allows targeted weight bait dropping with gps.




Dave & his team have over 15 years experience designing and building some of the most advanced helicopter fertiliser, seeding and bait underslung buckets available that have been used worldwide with great success.
Please check back soon to see some exciting new developments that will revolutionise the industry with their prototype bucket the RED X-1.